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It's not easy being this cute!
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Knight Interviews Bonus Atir's Coronation Ceremony by RitaLeader14 Knight Interviews Bonus Atir's Coronation Ceremony :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 1 0 Knight Interviews Part 30 (END) by RitaLeader14 Knight Interviews Part 30 (END) :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 2 0 God Ashriel Dreemurr by RitaLeader14 God Ashriel Dreemurr :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 8 2 Fairy Merodi Ongaku (UTAU Contest Entry) by RitaLeader14 Fairy Merodi Ongaku (UTAU Contest Entry) :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 5 5 Rave Maxel by RitaLeader14 Rave Maxel :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 2 4 Kaiju Full Body by RitaLeader14 Kaiju Full Body :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 2 8 The Kaiju Family by RitaLeader14 The Kaiju Family :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 3 4 AiUTAU Application Form - Rizumu Teion by RitaLeader14 AiUTAU Application Form - Rizumu Teion :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 3 0 AiUTAU Application Form - Merodi Ongaku by RitaLeader14 AiUTAU Application Form - Merodi Ongaku :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 5 0 Knight Interviews Part 29 by RitaLeader14 Knight Interviews Part 29 :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 0 0 Again by RitaLeader14 Again :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 3 0
Relationships of the R.Wian Knights + Rita
 So My characters interact everyday with each other but how do they really feel about each other? Every Knight plus the King and Queen have their ties for one another here. This is what they think of the person(s) and their friendship level.
Ashton Lennon
Ben: Ash has had a long relation with Ben. They grew up together. They met each other at the age of 5 when Ash moved to Triterra Town and leaving Arcana Village. He was also very shy and barely talked to Ben despite Ben always talking to him. He depended on Ben a lot when they were younger. Ben was a crutch to him. Ash soon got over his dependent stage and helps himself. Now Ash's Relationship with Ben is Best friend or Brother. They go on missions all the time together since they are partners at the Ranger Union.
Caulter: Ash is cousins to Caulter Northside. Their mothers are twin sisters. Mira is Ash's mom and Cassidy is Caulter's mom. Ash and Caulter were really close when they lived together in Arcana Village. Caulter
:iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 0 0
Benjamin Kuel and Ashton Lennon 2.0 ~Download~ by RitaLeader14 Benjamin Kuel and Ashton Lennon 2.0 ~Download~ :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 4 0 Little Clover by RitaLeader14 Little Clover :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 3 1 Unknown Mother Goose by RitaLeader14 Unknown Mother Goose :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 6 0 MMD PMX How to Add Rita's LAT Fangs by RitaLeader14 MMD PMX How to Add Rita's LAT Fangs :iconritaleader14:RitaLeader14 30 0
Always remember: Comment Before favorite. It will show me what you think about my art.

What I Upload:


What I can do


I no longer fix models for free! I only fix models for friends!

I like Stamps

Attack on Titan Stamps
Attack On Titan Stamp: Free! Anime ED Dance by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Eren stamp by Superpluplush:thumb448592348: Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus by wow1076

Creepypasta Stamps
CP: Creepypasta Badass Trio Stamp by xioccolate I Support Creepypasta Narrators Stamp by Unattentive-Teen Creepypasta Stamp by femmequartz stamp by Spikytastic Jeanine Adams CreepyPasta Stamp by RitaLeader14 I love Creepypasta - Stamp by Paolachief117 Splendorman - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Slenderman - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Jeff the Killer - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Ben Drowned - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Eyeless Jack - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Smile dog - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Tails Doll - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - The rake - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Sally - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Jane the killer - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Zalgo - Stamp by Paolachief117 Creepypasta - Clockwork - Stamp Comision by Paolachief117

UTAU/Vocaloid Stamps
Merodi Ongaku Stamp by RitaLeader14 UTAU stamp by MagicalPouchOfMagic I Love Vocaloid Stamp by King-BlockMayus Moose!Randall Stamp by FabulousRandall

MMD Stamps: MMD stamp by Aira-Melody Stamp-MMD User by NozomiMMD
Lat support stamp by sofushka9

R.W Stamps
Here, Have a Stamp from me by RitaLeader14 Merodi Ongaku Stamp by RitaLeader14 Jeanine Adams CreepyPasta Stamp by RitaLeader14

Supportive Stamps
Stamp Request 7 by MagicalPouchOfMagic

Anime Stamps:
Tokyo Ghoul - Stamp 7 by Paolachief117 Howls Moving Castle Stamp by SnapesImp

Music Stamps:
I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehog Daft Punk - Harder better faster stronger by Paolachief117 I love Music - Stamp by Paolachief117 Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette

DRAMAtical Murder Stamps: Aoba Stamp by ttinatina5252 Clear Stamp by ttinatina5252 Virus and Trip Stamp by ttinatina5252 Ren Stamp by ttinatina5252 Noiz Stamp by ttinatina5252 Koujaku Stamp by ttinatina5252 Mink Stamp by ttinatina5252

Youtuber Stamps: Septiplier Stamp by uchustache JSE Fan Stamp by RedRavie

OC Stamps: Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221

Cool Things to put on my page
:Ben Drowned: Pixel art page doll by PrinceOfRedroses :ACIII: wolf Connor Pixel dolly by PrinceOfRedroses Koyemshi page doll by MagicalPouchOfMagic Rita icon by ShannaHeart Howl by staticwind Smol Cotton Candy Man by Temmiesaur Tiny Cabbage Man by Temmiesaur Temmie - Hoi! F2U pagedoll by KyubeyGirl Atir Leader Chibi by RitaLeader14 Ashton Lennon Chibi by RitaLeader14 Benjamin Kuel Chibi by RitaLeader14 Caulter Northside Chibi by RitaLeader14 Maxel Berry Chibi (Normal) by RitaLeader14 Maxel Berry Monster Chibi by RitaLeader14 Hybrid Kaiju Chibi by RitaLeader14 Rizumu Teion Chibi by RitaLeader14

Current Projects

MMD Projects

Hikari Light: Purple Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios

Minecraft Adventures: Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios

UTAU Projects:

Rizumu Teion English? VCCV or CVVC?

Merodi Ongaku English? VCCV or CVVC?

MMD Comics:

Beyond the Surface Next part: Purple Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios

R.W X Vocaloid 2 Next Part: Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

BabySitting Maya, Jane, and Runi Next Part: Purple Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios

Camping with the Six Knights: Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios


Stanca by MagicalPouchOfMagic Stanca :iconmagicalpouchofmagic:MagicalPouchOfMagic 66 12 [VOCALOID] KAITO V3 by MagicalSpackles [VOCALOID] KAITO V3 :iconmagicalspackles:MagicalSpackles 31 1 ...Why? by AmazingArtistYellow ...Why? :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 1,792 97 Crow's Wicked Stance by AmazingArtistYellow Crow's Wicked Stance :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,403 173 Kid Icarus: Uprising - 4 Year Anniversary by ShadowKirby777 Kid Icarus: Uprising - 4 Year Anniversary :iconshadowkirby777:ShadowKirby777 106 32 KI 30th Anniversary - Day 30 - Scorched Feathers by SaccharoKirby KI 30th Anniversary - Day 30 - Scorched Feathers :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 278 27 Request:Dark Pit with the Pandora Claws by doublejoker00 Request:Dark Pit with the Pandora Claws :icondoublejoker00:doublejoker00 488 39 Request:Pit with the Guardian Orbitars by doublejoker00 Request:Pit with the Guardian Orbitars :icondoublejoker00:doublejoker00 447 39 Request:Palutena with the Violet palm by doublejoker00 Request:Palutena with the Violet palm :icondoublejoker00:doublejoker00 396 40 .CC. Morning gloria. by Hetiru .CC. Morning gloria. :iconhetiru:Hetiru 357 13 HEY by theunspokenprophet HEY :icontheunspokenprophet:theunspokenprophet 203 86 Hearts by theunspokenprophet Hearts :icontheunspokenprophet:theunspokenprophet 439 141 Playing with Fire by theunspokenprophet Playing with Fire :icontheunspokenprophet:theunspokenprophet 473 100 Dark Pit by XSnowRoyale Dark Pit :iconxsnowroyale:XSnowRoyale 53 13 Pit by FlyingNoodles Pit :iconflyingnoodles:FlyingNoodles 111 27 Speedpaint Massacre #28 by bulletproofturtleman Speedpaint Massacre #28 :iconbulletproofturtleman:bulletproofturtleman 218 47


Knight Interviews Bonus Atir's Coronation Ceremony
This is the a Bonus to Knight Interviews! This was supposed to be the very first part of Knight Interviews, but I didn't have Atir's King Model when I started the comic. So, this also crashed a few times because there was so many models in it at first, but I decided to delete everyone. Anyway, Atir's so excited and nervous that he's going to become King. He makes his way through the doors and walks down the isle. He glances towards the people on both sides and waves to them. He sees Rita at the end of the isle. Rita announces that Atir has to make a vow or an oath before being crowned. Atir then says his vows and Rita likes them. She tells him to go sit on the throne while she gets his crown. Atir is so excited but keeps his composure. He then says his speech and apologizes to Rita for how irrational he acted towards her when they met again. He thanks everyone. I hope you liked this little bonus! :D

Models: :iconritaleader14:

Stage: Project Diva, SEGA Provided by :icondan1024: Edited by me because the throne was too small.

Mic: MikuMikuDance

crown: :icon9844:

Striterra symbol by :iconritaleader14:
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United States
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My Google Drive for UTAU Covers:… UTAU Cover List

UTAU Wiki Pages:

Merodi Ongaku:…

Rizumu Teion:…

Top Ten Favorite Things to Do
1. Creating Events (Drawing)

2.Animating even though I'm not all that great at it.

3.Water Skiing


5.Taking care of animals

6.Being with friends and family

7.Listening to CreepyPasta

8. Playing video games

9.Meeting people (I'm shy)

10.Chores and Homework (I hate it)

Things I Love

1. My family

2. My friends

3. Animals

4. Anime

5. Vocaloid

6. Utau

7. MMD

8. Skiing

9. Deviantart

10. Creepypasta

Favorite Mythical Creatures

1. Dragons

2. Pegesi

3. Unicorns

4. Fairies

5. Sea Monsters

Favorite Animes

1. Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

2. When They Cry Higurashi

3. Hetalia

Favorite Youtubers

1. Pewdiepie

2. Tobuscus

3. Strihiryu

4. Kyokoon64

5. Venturiantale

6. Itsdalez

7. Press Start for Awesome

8. Yogscast

9. Matthew Santoro

10. Mr. CreepyPasta

11. CreepsMcPasta

12. CrazyShootin

13. Ipodmail

14. Peanutbuttergamer

15. Game Theorist

16. ZexyZek

What I love as much as my family and friends is: R.W! A care free cute little world made from my mind. It is only half the size of earth and is a paradise to all who go there.

King of R.W: Atir Jordan Leader

Queen of R.W: Rita Grace Leader (me)

King's knights: Benjamin Kuel, Ashton Lennon, Caulter Northside, Maxel Berry, Hybrid Kaiju, and Rizumu Teion

Queen's Protectors: Jana Jade, Jamie Smileheart, Runa Weaver, Summer Wind, Akita Valkyrie, Skytra Triwing, Lily Sun.

Town(capital): Triterra Town. A small town made up of little houses and apartments and shops. Old Sycamore, a sycamore tree that grows in the center of town symbolizes a new destiny according to me. The town is quaint and I love quaint. People use bikes or walk to get around town since its not big. The roads are made of red bricks. See? Quaint. I love towns like these.

major places in the town:

Indigo Day School. A public school that has 3 floors, The teachers are named by the subjects they teach. Located South East of Triterra Town


Mr. Chemic (science)

Miss Heal (nurse)

Mr. Copic (art)

Mrs. Numeral (math)

Mrs. Lebby (office secretary)

Miss. Verbal (Language arts)

Mr. Past (Social studies)

Mr. Fits (Physical education)

The students have uniforms

girls ware short skirts with dressy white t-shirts with a neckerchief.

boys ware a white shirt and tie with black pants

In The winter, Girls ware sweaters with scarves and a neckerchief showing below the scarf. The still wear short skirts however. Their shoes are loafers with socks above their shins.

Boys ware a jacket with a tie and same long black pants with the same conniver shoes.

Every student at Indigo Day School has a pin attached to their uniforms That looks like a ribbon with a indigo I on it. It is to confirm that you are a student at the school.

The colors would usually be indigo but if it is one of my major events they ware their signature color. EX: Rita Purple Atir Red

Akita's zoo

Akita Valkyrie has a zoo that she takes care of. Small animals are found everywhere at her tree house. Horses and cows are the biggest animals found there. She goes out to find the bigger animals and feeds them. She often lets you take an animal home with you, Located West of Triterra town

The Ranger Union
It is an organization to protect animals and you have to be fit and healthy to join. You have to love animals and be athletic and strong. The Professor or the head of the Organization is pretty strict. Located South of Triterra Town.

Rita and Atir's Cliff House
The house of the Queen and King of R.W. Located in the cliff behind the Ranger Union.

Lily's Sunflower Garden.

Fields of Sunflowers that stretch miles and miles. These fields of sunflowers were all planted, watered, and harvested by one girl and her name is Lily Sun herself. Location: NorthEast of Triterra Town.

Caulter's Log Cabin
Caulter lives in a nice log cabin. He often isolates himself from others so he doesn't hurt them. Since Caulter is a werewolf, he can't always control his actions. He also lives north because he likes the cold weather. Located North of the town,

Runa's Clothing and Potions Store
Located in the town there is a small clothing store that has potions as well. The owner of the store is a Teenage Witch named Runa Weaver. She opened a store because she need the money to take care of her sister, Runi Weaver and herself since they live alone. She also opened the store because she loves fashion and designing clothes for people. She also loves brewing Potions and selling them but they are pretty expensive.

The Bakery

A small Bakery that is famous for it's desserts and bread. Jamie Smileheart helps the couple who runs the bakery when they have to much on their hands. Located in the middle of town.

Coral Tide Beach

A white sand beach that looks out onto Shimmering Sea. IT has sea tides that bring all kinds of treasures such as sea shells, starfish, and other tiny fish that are exotic. Located South of the Ranger Union.

The Sky Village

A Small village that floats on a large cloud. The village contains a welcome Center, a small hospital, many houses, and shops. The citizens in this village are winged humans. Regular Humans can't live there because they can't walk on clouds or they will fall through. It is also home to one of my events, Skytra Triwing. The Big dare devil with green triple wings and wavy blonde pigtails. Skytra lives on the far west of the village. To get to the village you will have to fly up there if you have wings or go to Runa's Potion store to get a potion to walk on clouds. The Village is usually located floating above or around Continent Me.

Journal History


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hello! ^o^ you understand mmd editing, so i have a question..... what is the body used for? i understand what the joints and bones are for, but other than that i'm clueless^^;
RitaLeader14 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
The "Bodies" are the physics. They move the hair or clothing on your model. Make sure the joints are connected to the right physics or else the lone joints could cause your model to crash MMD.

If there are no physics connected to joints, the physics would fall to the floor. You can add joints and physics by going up to edit in the model window and to bone(B) and then to Creating basic rigid body-Physics(P).

The colors are the certain types of physics. I don't really understand much about those though. You can also choose what type of physic you want.

Whether it be a follow up or static(green) physic that keeps a moving physic from clipping though the model, the physics(orange) that move around, and the physical+bone alignment(Yellow) which I guess it's both? I'm not too sure.

There is also an option to turn the physic's shape. There is a sphere which is mostly used as a static physic for the head so your model's hair doesn't clip though the head, a box for a skirt or dress, or a capsule which is oval shape. It's used for hair mostly. 

You can also change the size which is radius and height. They will affect the physics differently depending on size. Let's say you have a dress physic that is pretty small. Making it bigger will cause it to freak out. 

Parameters of the physics are not much I know about but they are mostly for Mass and friction between each physic.

I hope this helped a little bit. If you still don't understand, I'll try my best to explain it as best as I can in a simpler way.
KitsuneTerra Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
ohhh, this helped a lot, thank you!! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
i was looking on google, da, learnmmd, and a few other places, but i couldn't find a thing QwQ
and the reason i asked was because i'm currently making my own model, but i keeps crashing mmd so i was deleting stuff that i didn't need- which part of it was the body so i was unsude what i should delete^^ but this helped me very very much, and i have now successfully got the model working on mmd ^o^ thank you again!!
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